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Bryan Gibson offer's private sitting's only (in person), and appointments are taken for him at home in Lincolnshire. The fee for a private sitting is £30 for 1 person (45 minutes) or £45 for 2 people sharing a 1 hour session.

Bryan only works part-time. He works Mondays or Tuesdays, only 1 day per week. Last single appointment is 2.00pm on any day.

Bryan does not offer appointments in the evening or at weekends.

Unfortunately he does not offer sittings by post, by telephone or email.


Bryan is currently planning to return to work in August 2020 following a full risk assessment and implementation of an action plan to help reduce risk and manage the spread of Coronavirus.  For further information please see this page (insert link to page about COVID-19)

For more information by phone, email or post:

Email Bryan:

Telephone: (+44) 01522 778519

'Rivendell', 4 South Scarle Lane, North Scarle, Lincoln, LN6 9ER